Episode 169 – An Open Letter to an American on the Left

Chaplain R.T. Byrum

Chaplain R.T. Byrum

This message, “An Open Letter to an American on the Left” is addressed to those who, for whatever reason, hate America, mock God, and vote against freedom. It also serves as a reminder to conservatives and Christians that we are vulnerable to indoctrination by those who see to destroy what God has blessed us with and what many have toiled and died to preserve.

Chaplain Byrum compares this present world to a sinking ocean liner. Great holes caused by greed, lust, hate, and envy are inevitably taking it on a final journey down to destruction.

It is presented in answer to a recent public comment by a liberal American who stated that, “Christians are arrogant about their faith in their God.” In truth, we are humbled by our faith, and it pains us to see anyone blinded by lack of knowledge in danger of losing out on the incredible days that will follow the coming wrath of God.

This program is one of warning, but it is also one of hope.

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