185 – Why Christian Fellowship Is Important

Byrum BylinesIn this far-from-perfect world, why does God proclaim fellowship among Christian believers as vitally important? Why indeed. People’s lives have become incredibly busy and many Christians feel lucky if they can even spare an hour to appear in church on a regular basis. Even if they are faithful in attending, too many times they leave right after service for their favorite restaurant. They feel that they have fulfilled their obligation (quote gesture) “to gather together” with other Christians. But is that really all there is to prove that they accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

Okay, some might say, but what about putting our offerings in the plate each week…surely that lays up great rewards in heaven? And how about joining in singing every hymn? What’s the big deal about fellowshipping with others of like mind? Well, watch what the Apostle John had to say when he wrote these words of admonition in 1 John 1:6-7.

John’s proclamation, defined as a clear declaration of something important, establishes that the sharing of hidden knowledge forges a vital fellowship between Christians. Then Notice the connecting chain between John and his fellow Christians and his fellowship with the Father and with His son.

Your response may be something like this, “That’s all well and good, but I believe that I already have fellowship with Jesus Christ now” That might be true, but there’s more to learn as we read on in 1 John 1:6-7.

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