Episode 168 – Every knee shall bow

Chaplain R.T. Byrum

Chaplain R.T. Byrum

Romans 14:11 contains this prophetic statement: “AND EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW…” That does not refer to the offensive demonstration by 49’s NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee during the National Anthem. His “protest” against oppression of blacks drove away viewers on both sides of the debate, the patriotic Americans and the “woke” community. The ESPN sports channel lost more than 4 million viewers and saw revenue drop over $52 million as offended fans tuned out on such politics injected into football.

What made the foolish demonstration worse was that Colin’s $20 million dollar net worth was not being used to improve the lives of his “brothers” and “sisters” of color, but to enrich his own life with mansions, apartments, and a collection of expensive cars.

Kaepernick, for now, is out of the limelight and the NFL is slowly recovering, but has any good resulted from the fiasco? Apparently not for black Americans are still being oppressed (mostly by other blacks) and good relations between races are never improved by attacking the country that has done more to abolish slavery than any other in history.

The answer lies in recognizing the powers driving such hatred. It is time that true Americans recognize that the enemy is not white or black or rich or poor, but rather a deep state organization that is using class warfare to destroy this nation.

There is a time coming when the entire world will take a knee…not at a sporting event, but…just hit the play button and you will understand.


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