The ancient book of Daniel reveals the end time events happening today that signal the imminent day of God’s wrath. Ignoring their warning will not protect you.

Fulfilled prophecies throughout the ages do not depend on whether or not you and I believe in them. They were written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the words come from the very God who created all things. Someday soon, most probably in your lifetime, this mad, mad world and its wickedness will come to a horrendous end.

From the beginning, mankind was given the choice to travel one of two roads: a broad highway that leads ultimately to destruction or a narrow path that leads to eternal life without pain, sorrow or second death. If you are headed toward the wrong endpoint stay with me as I show you how to change direction and head for the right destination.

If the prophecy written in the book of Daniel is proven accurate then you and I are standing on the edge of cliff called the time of the end. Whether or not you are a believer in Bible prophecy, you cannot help but notice how many YouTube programs are suddenly dealing with the end-times and the rapture of the Church. Why NOW has this become a major topic on the internet?

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