Episode 179 – Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy

Chaplain R.T. Byrum

Chaplain R.T. Byrum

IF THE END-TIME PROPHECY OF DANIEL’S 70 WEEKS, written in the book of Daniel has been proven accurate then you and I are standing on the edge of cliff called the Time of the End. One of the most detailed prophecies in the bible was written down by Daniel when he was visited by an angel messenger from God. The spirit being revealed history in advance by foretelling the coming of kings, battles to be fought, the rise of the antichrist and the coming of the King of kings…the Messiah…the true Christ.

What was the meaning of the 70 weeks in the vision that pointed to the end time Wrath of God and the return of the Messiah to rule for 1000 years from Jerusalem? When compared to the Olivet prophecy of Jesus, does Daniel’s vision identify our day and our generation as the beginning of the tribulation period?

Chaplain R.T. Byrum unpacks the secrets of this mysterious of all prophecies.

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