085 TTGS – The Holy Spirit Within Us Part 1


Presenter – R.T. Byrum

Chaplin RT Byrum, thru the gathering storm, rt byrum
Chaplin RT Byrum

“The Holy Spirit within Us—Part One”

One of the neglected subjects of teaching in many of today’s Christian churches concerns the Holy Spirit. We need to blow the dust off of the Holy Bible and rediscover “God’s gift to us, His Holy Spirit.” Who or what is the Spirit, what does it mean to indwell us, and how does the Spirit work in our lives?’ The answers to those questions are vital not only to every Christian, but also to non-believers who are seeking the narrow path to salvation and eternal life. In this first part of the series, we meet the third person of the Trinity, the Spirit of God, also called the Holy Spirit. We will look at the characteristics of the

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