084 TTGS – “Holy Spirit…Help Me!! Part 2”


Presenter – R.T. Byrum

In part one of this series on the Holy Spirit we learned that the Spirit is NOT an impersonal divine influence. He is indeed a full member of the triune God Family, just as are the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us when we accept the Messiah, Jesus, as our savior. Of course, that begs answers to two vital questions: what is His purpose and how does He communicate with us?

Every human being has the human spirit of man within them placed there by the Creator. This spirit separates us from animals giving lie to the fake theory of evolution. The spirit gives us wisdom, emotion, morality, inventiveness, imagination, and the ability to understand the concept of past, present and future. However, it is the Holy Spirit that is given to those who are believers that opens the mind to those hidden things that God has prepared for us. Learn more about this fantastic truth and why you need to receive it with time running out.

R.T. Byrum

R.T. Byrum

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