080 TTGS – The Coming Rapture Part 2


The Coming Rapture Part 2

Chaplin RT Byrum, thru the gathering storm, rt byrum

Chaplin RT Byrum

Reinhold Buxbaum, thru the gathering storm

Reinhold Buxbaum

Followers of the Left Behind series of books and movies are familiar with the Rapture. It refers to Christ returning to “carry off or snatch up” His children, the believers. The big question in many minds is not whether it will happen, but when. This message shows why we, of thruthegatheringstorm.info believe that this event will take place before the coming of the Day of God’s Wrath (the Tribulation.) No one knows the exact time, but there are definite scriptural proofs that: (1) the church made up of believers are not mentioned during the tribulation, (2) God promises His believers protection from His wrath (earthquakes, massive hailstones, fires, seas of blood, and pestilence.) How else could one escape if not raptured beforehand? (3) The final witnesses are not the church, but the converted Jews. (4) The marriage customs of God’s chosen (Israel) are a foretaste of the wedding the believers and Christ. The customs picture a bridegroom (Jesus) who returns to take His bride (the church) to their new home and the wedding supper in heaven. Don’t miss this riveting unfolding of what is soon to come.

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