078 TTGS – Is Jesus Christ Returning?


Throughout the ages since the time Jesus walked this earth, and beginning with the disciples, people have made predictions about when Jesus Christ will return to gather up His believers in the rapture. Time after time those predictions have failed. What signs of His coming do we see occurring now, and why should we consider them any more accurate than in the past? What is taking so long? Should we even still count on the Lord’s return or give up on the idea that Jesus will rapture us in the near future? There are certain prophecies to be fulfilled before His coming, and some could not occur before these recent times. Prophecy and God’s promises have always been fulfilled and will continue to be so until the end of the age of man.

Reinhold Buxbaum, thru the gathering storm

Reinhold Buxbaum

R.T. Byrum

R.T. Byrum

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